Community United Methodist Church


Hi and welcome to Pastor Bill’s blog.  Our focus at the Community UM Church is to make Disciples of Jesus Christ as we Glorify God, encourage one another, and share Jesus!  

But what does that mean?  First and foremost, it means to place our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, asking for forgiveness for our independence from Him – our sin, and turn away from our ways of living that are indifferent or defiant of God’s ways or God’s will.

This Blog is intended to help people learn about the full and far better life that the Lord has planned for us and to start living it!  Unfortunately, we tend to create a life on this earth that is good and self satisfying, but far from the best life the lord has planned for us!   

One of the most important parts of this life, the new life, that Jesus created us for is understanding that we have been given a new identity when we started to trust in Jesus Christ (place our faith in Him).  Now the basic definition of sin is to want our way instead of God’s way, sin is trusting in ourselves and not in Jesus; and on our own, we live without caring what God wants or the life He created us for.  Salvation (God saving us from sin and the mediocre live it brings with it) and righteousness (God placing us in a right relationship with Him) focuses on who we are becoming in Jesus; it gives us permission to learn and grow into the new identity God gave us.

And one of the greatest gifts… is that “in Christ,” the Lord desires to use our mistakes and failures to grow us, not condemn us, and empower us to love each other with His perfect love!  

I look forward to conversations where we can unpack this conversation in these posts.

God bless